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Great job

Any Version 3 update?

amazing :)

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Do you need to adapt it for version 3?


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Ohhhh neato, nice work!

Updated to Version 1.02 which has double jump and an experimental wall jump which I'll likely still have to adapt a bit. I have included the Source for 1.01 which uses triggers for the wall jump.

Interesting tool.


This is fantastic! 

This really inspires me to learn more about GB Studio. 

For context: I'm a beginner developer with a love for gameboy, so GB Studios is a wonderful tool for me to learn and it's something that I want to develop a "full" game for. However, the (seeming) limits of the engine have me always thinking if that idea is a waste and I should just jump to another engine and let go the idea that my games can be playable on gb hardware. But this is showing me that there really is way more to it than I realize!


100% the way I had initially felt, but by editing the engine there's really A LOT you can do!


This is really cool and impressive! Great work! I may take a look under the hood at the jetpack mechanics, as I’ve been puzzling on how best to do a flight mechanic in one of my own games. Thanks for making and sharing this!


Thank you so much! Getting the jet pack working was 90% using a grounded engine field state, as well as changing the bounce(low) value 


Yoo this is AWESOME. Since u said we can request mechanics, I'd like to see 32x16 or 32x32 character/ player sprites. Seen some people do it, but even looking at the files and trying to understand it I couldn't get how to do it. 


join the gbstudio discord and ask under the plugins section, many people there have solutions for metasprites!


this is so good. They seem bug-free and very usable. Some of them are ideas I’ve never even seen before, like the wall slide. Amazing


thank you so much!

Hy. Can we request mechanics ?

Sure! I can only but try :)

Tell me if these mechanics are possible ? :

-we can switch between 2 players on screen and use one as platform when he is not selected

-activate and desactivate platform

-create a clone of the player (to use him as a platform) when i click a button

-in the platformer engine, making the level going from left to right without interacting with the button (like those android runner)

thank you

all the above that you’ve mentioned is definitely possible. 

For all the platform things you’ve mentioned all you need to do is make a second actor and then swap his position with yours and your sprite with his, then you will be able to do most of what you’ve been asking.

As for the level going from left to right, I’ve actually make that mechanic on the second level of my game called ECHO (see my itch page) where I’ll be happy to share how I did it in a couple weeks.

ah ah the game was fun but i coudn't pass the second scene. the Wall Jump was super hard to do with wasd. I see you have passthrough platform on the first scene. how did you achieve that ?

pass through platform?

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Really awesome. Looking forward to trying it out when it's available!

it’s now available for download :)

<3 <3 <3 <3

This is awesome


Ohhh. Was just watching the demo on twitter. This looks cool.